dimanche 24 septembre 2023


Digitization has become key in accelerating the development process of Africa and the elimination of corruption, considered the bane of the continent’s progress. As reiterated by the Beninese Minister for Digitization, digital access is a booster for sustainable development. Panafrican Bilingual Corporates Magazine ascribes the need for the continent, to adopt measures in this direction. In Ghana, for instance, the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is leading a drive to ensure payments to and by government institutions are down through electronic means, with a view to elimination human intervention, which promotes corruption. Panafrican Bilingual Corporates Magazine, a magazine dedicated to the creation of commercial synergies through its business network programs, adds its voice to the appeal to African Nations so that they can take advantage of the current digital wind blowing accross the world, to explore the numerous opportunities for the youth. Indeed, digitization offers many opportunities to youth. This is how, for example, it is able to facilitate better management of resources for its development by youth who will have to seize the opportunity and assume their responsibilities, before history. This is why African supranational organizations such as the African Union (AU) must support the spirit of pan-Africanism which would make it possible to solve African problems with integrated solutions which take account of the African ecosystem while being inspired of course what is happening elsewhere. Our call for partnership is therefore based on the experience we have acquired in the past and on the potentials which remain untapped and this confirms us in the idea that the Digital can constitute a leapfrog which the African continent is capable, irretrievably, to operate.

“The Corporate Rendez-vous events ” are geared towards bringing together those who matter in the business world in Africa to network, share ideas and work together to explore the potentials of the continent. The events are being replicated in various cities across the Africa with cities like Accra, Ouagadougou, Lome; Cotonou, Abidjan, Kigali, Nigeria, etc, have already benefited from the events that has become a regular feature. We would like to take advantage of this opportunity offered by the Panafrican Bilingual Corporates Magazine to stimulate business in every country we cross. We thank those who are already part of our dream and we encourage them to reach other Africans with this pan-African message, this message of hope finds good echo.