Samlara Baah; Human Resources Manager, Rlg [Interview]

Who is Samlara Baah?

Samlara Baah
Samlara Baah

I am a U.S. born Ghanaian who has returned to Ghana with the desire to make a positive impact as I focus on HR as a strategic partner in the workplace. I have fifteen years of management experience with the past eight years focused solely on Human Resources. I returned to Ghana in May of 2013 as the HR Manager for Rlg Communications Ltd. and as of February 1, 2014 I moved to be the Group Head of HR with AGAMS Holdings Ltd.


Can you tell us a little about yourself and your family?

I am on only child with a HUGE family. My mother was born in Lome (Togo), her father (the late V.O. Hutchison) was a founding member of the Ghana lotteries.

My father was born in Akim Oda (Eastern Region, Ghana) but passed away when I was nine years old. His uncle, a huge father figure in his life (the late Dr. Kwasi Assouko Kwarko) started North Ridge Clinic in Accra. Both of my parents had many siblings so I have loads of aunties, uncles and cousins they are my anchors. We are a pretty close family.

What is your educational background?

Most of my schooling was done in the States. I completed my undergraduate studies at University of Maryland in 2000 and acquired my M.B.A. in Global Business from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2010.

What motivated you to join Rlg?

Rlg is an indigenously Ghanaian company with a global outlook. I wanted to be part of that global strategy and assist in developing the manpower that will compete with any assembly plant in the world. I have respect for the entrepreneur behind the Rlg brand (Roland Agambire) and look forward to my opportunity to assist in a new capacity with AGAMS Holdings Ltd.

How did this corporate journey start for you?

I was fortunate enough to gain an interview with my predecessor (Mr. Nana Addae-Mensah) who gave me a breakdown of the strategic capacity of the business. I believe

the alignment between my past experiences coupled with his vision for the company’s strategy was what ultimately afforded me the opportunity to start this journey.

How has the ride been so far?

Never a dull moment! I asked for a challenge and I have gotten exactly what I asked for. We have such a highly skilled, diverse staff with a knowledge base in a variety of disciplines. Each day I learn something new from my team members. I love supporting them and I enjoy the challenging opportunities that present themselves based on the nature of our business.

Can you tell us a little about Rlg?

R2bees showcasing th first Rlgr Uhur Tablet laptop
R2bees showcasing th first Rlgr Uhur Tablet laptop

Rlg Communications Limited, the leading Ghanaian computer and handset manufacturing company is one of the first indigenous African companies to assemble laptops, desktops and mobile phones. The Accrabased company is modelled to generate mass, high-skilled employment for thousands of African youth and meet the rising demand for computers and other ICT devices. That is my corporate answer. I will also add that we are streamlining in Accra in order to grow globally.

At present we are searching for French speaking sales employees so feel free to send your C.V. to

Rlg is one of the biggest companies in West Africa now; can you shed little light on how they managed this feat?

We have grown exponentially; I think the bottom line is that we have capitalized on

any opportunities to provide mobile technology to end users in Ghana. The ability to search out these end users has been the key to our success.

What other services is Rlg in aside from assembling phones and laptops?

The Rlg Foundation Limited offers a range of CSR opportunities in an effort to give back to Ghanaians in every region through donation of time, talents, and fiscal rewards. Rlg Institute of Technology Limited is an ICT training school that provides a solid curriculum for everyone from beginner to expert in ICT technology. Rlg Security Services Limited is a full range security company offering human security to technological security services.

What are some of the good things Rlg is doing as corporate social responsibility?

Just to name a few of our CSR initiatives, Rlg Communications Solely sponsored the Grand Prix in 2011 and 2012 at the Kumasi Sports Stadium. We sponsored the 1st ever Ghana Music Week. We sponsored the 2012 Ghana Movie Awards. We financed the rehabilitation of the Sports Hall at the Accra Sports Stadium. The company also sponsored the 2012 ECOWAS Games hosted by Ghana. We donated vehicles to the Accra Rehabilitation Centre for operational use. We are a regular donor to several orphanages across the country. We funded drilling of borehole water facilities in many places in the north.

What is your greatest ambition in life?

When I look at my family, from my forefathers to our present day elders every one of them worked to leave a legacy that not only impacted themselves but their nation. I look towards impacting the women and youth of this nation with the knowledge necessary to build their own businesses and to succeed in a global working environment.

Source: Panafrican magazine/ edition# 14 page#10


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