Introduction of CCI France – Ghana by the Managing Director, Anne – Rita SOLANO

CCI France Ghana

Who are we?

The France Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFG) is an association under private law, bringing together companies and professionals from various sectors of the Ghanaian economy, or wishing to develop their activity in Ghana. It supports the business development of French and Ghanaian companies by facilitating trade and financial exchanges between France and Ghana. It participates in the promotion of Ghana among French players and supports them in their approach to the Ghanaian market. The CCIFG also supports Ghanaian companies in developing their international potential.

Established in Accra in May 2014, the France Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a member of the CCI France International network of 120 French International Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI FI) in 90 countries.

In January 2020, the CCI France Ghana was referenced as a Team France Export Partner (TFE) for commercial seed services

What do we offer?

The role of CCIFG revolves around 3 poles: to animate, inform and support.

We run a business community around two monthly events organized for our members. Also open to non-members, our conferences, networking cocktails and working breakfast provide businesses with a platform to expand their contacts and create new business relationships.

These events also provide access to up-to-date macroeconomic and sectoral information, reinforced by CCIFG communication tools such as the press review and periodic newsletter.

Through our business support service, we are also able to provide tailor-made services to French companies wishing to establish business relationships in Ghana, and to companies present in Ghana wishing to develop their international potential. .

CCI France Ghana, your development partner in Ghana

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