Prince Frimpong; CEO of GODAC [Interview]


PBCM: What are the objectives for setting up GODAC?

ANS: GODAC was setup as result of the growing need for Africans’ participation at all levels of the emerging Oil & Gas Industry in Africa.

PBCM: What are the guiding principles?

ANS: Internationally recognized training that makes our graduates eligible for work in the petroleum industry worldwide

PBCM: What makes the academy unique?

Prince Frimpong CEO of GODAC

ANS: Our Relationship with world renowned leading institutions in offering training of this kind, namely, The Norwegian Drilling Academy (NORTRAIN), Caledonia of Aberdeen, and North American Crane Bureau (NACB) of Florida USA.

PBCM: How is the management structure?

ANS: Ghana Oil Drilling Academy and Consultancy (GODAC) is a matrix organization where employees are focused on their individual roles yet have an understanding on what others are doing as a corporate team

PBCM: What are your achievements?

ANS: GODAC among others has recently trained the first ever IWCF certified well control supervisors, with invigilation from the British Council of Ghana. We have delivered programs to government institutions, professional institutions and private enterprises and have received students from over 15 countries including South Korea and Malaysia. Most of our students come from Gabon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroun, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Uganda, Kenya and we are in dialogue with Ugandan and Tanzanian institutions to deliver this high level training in those countries.

PBCM: How is the oil and gas industry benefiting from your services?

Ghana Oil Drilling Academy and Consultancy(GODAC)
Ghana Oil Drilling Academy and Consultancy(GODAC)

ANS: ANS: Prior to the establishment of GODAC, certificates of the kind we offer could only be obtained from Europe and America. African students often gain admission but are not given visa to pursue their studies abroad. Also the cost of such programs abroad is averagely 3 to 4 times what GODAC charges. Such advanced training has benefited the

industry.. enormously by maintaining the same quality at a relatively affordable cost.

PBCM: What category of people do you train?

ANS: GODAC Trains all categories of people including government officials, people already working in the petroleum industry, finance personnel, Human Resource professionals, contracts and procurement specialists, information systems specialists, administrative and technical support staff, engineers, business men and women, contractors and suppliers. Health safety and environment professionals, goods and services providers and also petroleum industry aspirants who want to build a career in the petroleum industry.

PBCM: What should people expect of you?

ANS: Currently, most African nations with petroleum resources are now conscious of the benefits of local content local participation, we expect to furnish more Africans with the requisite Training to enable them function at all levels of the Oil & Gas Industry in such a way that their nations will obtain maximum benefit from their petroleum resources

Source: Panafrican magazine/ edition# 14 page  27


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